Wednesday, June 15, 2011


To start online transaction should have online payment account. Why? Due to out of the money we should have a container that is an online payment account. There are few well-known online payment account such as: Paypal, Alertpay, Money bookers, Netteller, Liberty Reserve, and others. But after several months of doing business online was partly used as a means of payment is Paypal. But there are some great online businesses such as Forex, mostly from the provider did not use Paypal as means of payment.
This post is not a media campaign to Paypal but I recommend make a paypal account for your Online Payment Account because paypal account is more flexible and protection to consumers is very strong. Another advantage of this Paypal account is the small time tax disbursement as well as send and receive money that is the basis for why I highly recommend Paypal as your Online Payment Account .

To sign up for Paypal is not difficult. We just need to fill in some form provided at registration. Try to fill the identity must be fully in accordance with your true identity because if there is something that happened to your your online payment account, you can show your identity card so that they can believe that you are the original owner of the account.
In Paypal there is such thing as member verified and unverified member. To be a verified account we must verify used usually by adding a credit card number or the number of VCC (virtual credit card) into account we make. And those who do not have a credit card or the VCC they can verify the identity card and bank savings accounts.

If our Paypal account is verified, then we would be very easy to make a transaction whether buying or selling. With Paypal we can shop or sell goods online. We just need a few clicks to complete a transaction. Lets make your online payment account!
Daftar di PayPal, lalu mulai terima pembayaran menggunakan kartu kredit secara instan.

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