Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Are you familiar with Facebook? Of course you must know up because Facebook is a social networking the most popular. study in January 2009 put Facebook as social networking services most commonly used according to the monthly active users around the world, followed by MySpace. In January 2011, Facebook has more than 600 million active users so that’s an opportunity that we use.

If you already have an account you only need to replace your Facebook name only. Suppose rename it with EMKA SHOES SHOP according to your desire. Include address and telephone number clearly so that your friends can contact you if they want to buy your product. You do not bother looking for buyers as they will look for you.

Then how to market their merchandise? To market the merchandise that you sell all you need to upload a photo merchandise and attach the TAG your photo with the names of your friends then your friends of friends can view your products as well. The more friends you in Facebook of course the greater the likelihood your merchandise sales.

If we look at the business opened a store in the F like this is to save in terms of advertising. We just need to reproduce a friend so everyone can see the merchandise you are selling.

Start Your Facebook Selling Business Right Now!
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