Wednesday, June 15, 2011


What is an MLM business? Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in the which the sales force is compensated not only for sales They personally generate, but Also for the sales of others They recruit, creating a downline of Distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation. (wikipedia definition)

If you want to run your MLM business should think first before starting a MLM business. MLM business requires chain that should not be broken. So first you think of is who would you make the MLM business objectives and is it possible that you could run continued.

Leave this MLM business if you feel you can not maintain the chain. If indeed you still intend to run this MLM business you must be willing to come down to help your downline so that your MLM business chain is not broken.

Every business always has some risks as well as this MLM business. So if you are already unanimously determined there was no other word to move forward. Do not look backward but look at the future in front of you. There is no easy business that all businesses require hard work to get the result. Remember that your future can be achieved with your own efforts not because of help from others. Congratulations to run your MLM business, good luck.


Who does not know Bill Gates? He is the founder of the giant company Microsoft . Many things that we can emulate from Bill Gates, he is someone who never gave up to achieve its goals. Indeed, Bill Gates comes from a wealthy family but that’s not what makes it until today, it has never give up attitude is what brought up to the establishment it is today.

Bill Gates is not someone who has a degree of higher education because once he chose to drop out of college and chose to focus on what is ideally wanted. Persistence in fiddling with the computer was finally able to bring the results to make it to 10 richest people in the world.

It’s a lot of pros and cons of running a business that Bill Gates is someone said that he did monopolistic practices in trade. But there are pros and cons just as the emergence of a person’s success. The more people that succeed it will be very much obstacle. Like a tree growing tall trees stood the brunt of the wind to knock it down will get stronger.

Bill Gates is someone who should we give two thumbs-breakthrough breakthrough is amazing. He was one of the few people who have inspired me to be successful. What about you who can inspire you to keep working? Whoever it is important now is to keep forward confident in what he aspired to and achieved your dream like as Bill Gates!


At this time many online shop in the world. Although only shopping online risk us from the threat of hackers is very large. Actually I do not understand about how a hacker can get a username and password of an account. But would not hurt you apply 9 Steps to prevent hackers sabotage.
  1. Use your own computer, do not use a computer that is used in general
  2. Check the online store via age, minimum recommended online store is already in operation 1 year or more
  3. Check the identity of an online store where you will shop, for example: email address, phone number, yahoo messenger and so forth. Check whether all of which are still active or not.
  4. Before shopping for first read the TOS or other rules of the online store.
  5. Do not directly interested in the product whose price is cheap because a store sells because they want to make a profit. Try to try several products before buying large quantities
  6. Make sure you are buying directly at the online store do not buy from the intermediary
  7. If you shop in large numbers have the Online Store to insure delivery via courier services and select a nice even though there is little additional cost but this is the option we must take to secure our groceries. After that make sure that you fully accept the delivery number from the Delivery Services
  8. Make sure when you will enter personal data such as passwords or credit card number, online store has an SSL facilities. Look in the browser address bar if the URL starts with HTTPS means secure online store
  9. Make sure you enter the address in full and in accordance with your own identity card
A username and password are our asset. Especially if it is a username and online bank accounts if we have a hacker to get it then drop it all and we can only bite finger. Please remember 9 point to shopping online above when you shopping in online shop