Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Soichiro Honda was born on November 17, 1906 in a rural area that is iwatagun located on the island of Honshu. His father named Gihei Honda, he worked at a bicycle repair shop. While the mother Soichiro Honda named Mika. Soichiro Honda was the first child of 9 siblings. But among all nine of the brotherSoichiro Honda, who can earn only 4 adult life because it was difficult to get drugs and dirty environment.

Gihei Honda is a man who likes novelty. He also agile to handle bicycle machines and maybe that’s the nature of which eventually inherited by Soichiro Honda. Soichiro Honda is someone who likes to machine even he was willing to skip school just to remain silent on the bulkhead of rice milling machines that are not far from his home.

Soichiro Honda was not a clever boy at school. He was a mischievous child who is often truant. But talent Soichiro Honda started to look at him grade 6. Her achievements in the field of science began to appear. He can easily understand what is conveyed by the teacher.

Soichiro Honda was a fan of machinery, including cars. He’s willing to run out the door as the car passed just to look at him. He does not care that he was what he wanted to just see the car that he liked.

Finally, after graduating high school when he read in a magazine owned by her father. In the magazine she found a job. A workshop in the city of Tokyo looking for employees. Without thinking Soichiro Honda decided to register though His father disagree.

Soichiro Honda is one hard worker and he was diligent saving. Soichiro Honda was also famous as an inventor, he patented about 100 personal discovery. The discovery of the first honda wheels with metal bars. Formerly a car in Japan using a wooden wheel that can be easily damaged. Then the discovery was a lot of demand for the wheel that he discovered he even import a homemade wheels throughout the world.

In an attempt Soichiro Honda a lot of bankruptcies. Even 2 times Soichiro Honda factory on fire. But Honda was never desperate. At one time the Japanese economy experienced an economic downturn he desperately needed money to feed his family needs. Soichiro Honda decided to sell his car but no one wants to buy a car. In desperate need of economic circumstances he had an idea to put the motor on his bicycle. But unexpectedly it turns out that motorized bicycles was purchased neighbors so many who book these homemade motorized bicycles, motorized bicycles beginning of honda products today.

From the above story we can take the conclusion that the persistence and never give up the capital base we must have in order to achieve success like Soichiro Honda

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