Wednesday, June 15, 2011


What is PTC? PTC is a Pay To Click, we get paid to click on an advertisement placed by the advertiser. To join PTC is usually no charge for changing the type of membership but usually we are required to pay a few dollars.

Lots of PTC sites that exist, including: onbux, NeoBux, palmbux and others. This PTC websites for some people considered to be very profitable but not for me. I think they only apply the Ponzi scheme.

What is a Ponzi scheme? Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation pays That separate returns to investors, not from any actual profits earned by the organization, but from Their own money or money paid by subsequent investors (wikipedia definition).

Why PTC apply Ponzi scheme? They apply it because it actually advertise on the PTC is less valuable because of the clicking is the one who remained and not the people who are looking for content that is being advertised.

there may be some people who say “I’ve paid in That PTC.” It is true that you have paid, but wait a couple of months I am sure that you follow the PTC, it will turn into a scam website. Why is that? because the longer the amount of added member is not in accordance with the amount of investment. As a result of the difference was then PTC admin start confusion paying members who do pay out and then start a scam.

We’re actually not too lose if we invest with an account balance but we have loss of time which we use to click on ads that were placed by PTC. I hope that you join the PTC should never make an investment because it is very risky. What else to make an investment in cash with the money we have.

In recent months I have noted many appear PTC. Please try but remember my words “DO NOT EVER MAKE INVESTMENTS.” Even in recent months there is a famous PTC has been established for 2 years and turned into a scam. It all happened because they apply the Ponzi scheme.

Not only that PTC sites also use bots to rented refferalnya. PTC very few who do not wear boots for rented referrals or maybe even no PTC does not install the bot. For those of you who join PTC and pay rent referrals try observe rent your referral. do not ever do recycle rent referrals, see if you rent referrals for 30 days produced more than the price you buy rent referrals?

If you do intend to pursue an online business then change your direction. Be ad publisher rather than as a viewer ads. Or you can pursue other business because in fact many online business are more promising than PTC.

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